One-to-one mentoring

one to onesI offer a range of one-to-one services to help you improve your writing. Listed here are several approaches, but if you have a specific request, just drop me a line.  

I’m happy to work with people at any stage of their writing life, but if you really are just beginning the best thing you can do is read, read, read, and write, write, write. 

One-off feedback

I normally offer a detailed line-by-line reading of a group of five poems. This is enough work to give me a snapshot of your writing style and habits. As well as feedback on the individual poems I’ll offer insight into your habits, strong points, and potential growth areas, and will make specific suggestions for further reading and for developing your work as a whole.

I am happy to work by email or face-to-face.

Ongoing feedback & mentoring


If you’d like deeper ongoing support I can work with you over a set period, or over a set body of material. I’ll help you spot the hidden corners in your work, so you can work to your strengths and really develop your writing. I’ll give you ‘reading prescriptions’, set writing challenges, and make suggestions about opportunities to get your work out there. I can also help you work towards a goal, or turn a body of poems into a manuscript.


Manuscript appraisals

I offer an in-depth manuscript appraisal service which looks at the manuscript as a whole, and at individual poems on a line-by-line basis. Feedback will include observations on strengths,weaknesses, redurring themes, etc, an analysis of how publishable it is and/or what kind of market it’s suitable for, and suggestions for fixes.