the Saturday workshops

TS Eliot Prize shortlist: the workshop


Ten books. Ten poets. One day. (And what a day.)

This workshop is getting to be a yearly fixture. On 14 January, 2017 –  the day before the Saturdaysten poets shortlisted for one of the UK’s two most prestigious poetry prizes will read their work in the Royal Festival Hall – we’ll review all ten books.

What are the ten books like? What are they about? Do they tell us anything about the state of British poetry? What are the themes and threads that run through them? What conclusions (if any) can we draw, and do we want to? And who (not that prizes are the main thing; they really aren’t) do we think will win?

This lively reading-&-discussion session is a great chance to get to grips with ten books of the year. Close readings, context and background info all mean you’ll come out with a good handle on the shortlist, whether you’re going to the big reading or not. (And if you are, this workshop will transform and deepen that experience.) It’s a really fun, intense day.

You don’t have to buy anything, and it doesn’t matter if you’ve not read any of the books. There will be copies there to look at.

We take an hour for lunch (there’s a good caff nearby) and then unwind in the pub afterwards.