Saturday workshops coming up

stanzasThese one-off workshops should be useful and fun no matter what stage of your writing life you’re at: the idea is to spark off ideas, read, write, and to go home with the beginnings of a poem (or even more than one poem) in your noteboook.

See what my students say, and feel free to contact me for more info.



Saturday workshops

Techniques of the TS Eliot Prize shortlist

Saturday, 11 January

Ten books. Ten poets. The most prestigious poetry prize in the UK. This one-day workshop looks at the techniques the poets use in their books, to see what we can learn from them and, like magpies, steal for our own work. This is a really fun, intense workshop.

The day after this workshop is the big reading at the Southbank Centre, at which all the ten poets will read from their shortlisted books on the day before the prize is announced. The reading is amazingly enriched by having been talking about the poets all day the day before!