Advanced workshop group

I run a longstanding workshop group for intermediate and advanced poets who are producing work independently, and want a peer group for feedback. It’s supportive, inclusive, and fun. We’ve got poets writing in a variety of styles and genres, at different stages of their careers – from just beginning to submit work to magazines, to working on second or even third collections. The group is small, limited to seven members, so everyone gets to share their work every session.

My whole emphasis is on the poem itself, so it isn’t a question of being ‘good enough’ – you just have to be willing to look hard at every detail of your work. The group is all about developing critical reading skills and helping each poet to develop his or her own style of writing – not to write like ‘part of a group’. I don’t let the group rewrite people’s poems! I do encourage information-sharing and news, examples of good magazines to try, updates about readings, and other stuff that helps us all to expand our horizons.

We meet in the Free Word Centre in Farringdon, from 7-9pm on alternate Thursdays, over three terms of seven sessions. After that, anyone who wants to decompresses in the pub. As of last year we also have an end-of-year reading and produce a pamphlet of the group’s work; you can find last year’s in the London Review Bookshop in Bury Place.

From January 2018, due to demand, I’m planning to start a second group, exactly the same, meeting on Wednesdays.

The fee for either is £150 a term.

Drop me a line for more info about either one, or to sign up.