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A Far Cry from Hackney, CB Editions

Broken Cities


winner of the Poetry Business International Book & Pamphlet Competition

buy from Smith|Doorstop or The Book Depository

“The poet’s cities are ‘broken’ because they are mad and high-strung with the forces of age and rage, but also ‘broken’ in the same way that her lines are: deliberately abandoned, then salvaged; layers of meaning carefully folded into themselves. […] In pointedly contemporary language, we are prompted to ‘have a think’ about the age-old confluences of power, technology, and surveillance.”
–Theophilus Kwek, The Kindling

Broken Cities is a joy.”

— Angelina D’Rosa, Sabotage

Forgive the Language


buy from Penned in the Margins or Amazon

“Lively, direct and just enough ‘out of the ordinary’ without being too much so, Katy Evans-Bush has been a poet to admire for some time. This new book of essays [is] recognizably written in the same spirit as the poems… Katy notices and thinks about detail and why it matters and how it works. It’s like not just driving a car but knowing what is under the distributor cap. […] It is a hugely enjoyable book.”

— David Green

“Disarmingly well read, humane and infectiously engaging. It’s a thrill to read these essays from our foremost blogger.”
— John Field, Poor Rude Lines

Egg Printing Explained


buy from Salt Publishing

“Quirky and surreal in its exploration of art and relationships”
– Poetry Book Society

A sharply-written book from one of our sharpest wits. But it is also one of the most generous and melodic books of contemporary poetry I’ve read in some time.”
– David Morley

“This stuff’s a joy to read (and especially aloud) and puts a flippant Byronic swagger back into the serious business of poesy.”

— John Field, Poor Rude Lines

Oscar & Henry

2010, Rack Press

out of print

“For Henry, having two countries meant staged risk, and privacy. For Oscar, having the world meant everything bet on the one toss. In a 20′s Modernist trope, this sequence hints at big unanalysed scandals by almost making them cockney rhyming slang: Evans-Bush shows us Two Great Late Victorians through the prism of the 1920s, even while she looks back 90 years at the Modernists, in a double manoeuvre.”
– Ira Lightman

“Impressive… [her] sympathies appear to lie with James… but the wit and playfulness of this collection also acknowledge Wilde’s more teasing way with the truth.”
– Andrew McCulloch, TLS

Me and the Dead


buy from Salt Publishing

“I couldn’t put it down! Absorbing and satisfying at many levels.”
– Ian Duhig

“The most exciting news in contemporary poetry is a mid-Atlantic, old-and-new-world marriage. In her saucy, brilliant debut, Katy Evans-Bush proves one of the brightest offspring of this marriage… deserves to be read everywhere.”
– David Mason

“A successful Evans-Bush poem has the momentum of a multi-plot novel.”
– Kate Bingham, Poetry London

The Like Of It

2005, Baring & Rogerson

Six rising poets – Karen Annesen, Edward Barker, Katy Evans-Bush, Heather Holden, Simon Rees-Roberts, Liane Strauss

out of print