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Horizon Review: 
The Love Ditty of an ‘eartsick Pirate (pdf)

Ink, Sweat & Tears: The Base Macian
The Desert

Magma: The Bog of Despair

Nth Position: six poems

Peony Moon: a small selection from Egg Printing Explained

TrespassMeditations on a Freudian’s Lip


‘I Don’t Call Myself a Poet‘: a project run by Sophie Mayer
The Hackney Citizen: talking about blogging, poetry, and  Hackney
Very Like a Whale: Ten questions
Poetic Asides: with Robert Lee Brewer


 A conversation about dreams…

… a Salt Publishing Cyclone virtual book tour. Everything you could possibly want to know about me and poetry, as of 2008-9.
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At the Richard Madeley Appreciation Society
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