Last minute! I’m adding a daytime advanced poetry workshop starting this coming Weds

A little flurry of emails over Christmas, and I’m rashly starting a new group with only days to go! It’s a new advanced poetry workshop that will meet on alternate Wednesday afternoons. Starting this week, 9 January, the term runs over seven fortnightly sessions. The group is limited to seven members, so if you join you get to share your work every time and the group really get to know each other. You don’t necessarily need to be published (though many members are), but if this group is a good fit for you, you’re seriously engaged with contemporary poetry and your own writing of it. I run a relaxed, friendly class, jolly and rigorous, with opportunities to share or ask for suggestions, tips on magazines etc, news of readings or the latest poetry scandal, and to celebrate each other’s achievements.

The new group will meet from 3-5pm at the Free Word Centre in Farringdon Road. The fee is £150 a term. And if you’d rather join the evening group, that meets from 7-9 and there are a couple of places, where members have moved to the afternoon one. Just drop me a line if you have any questions, or want to join.

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