Life in the Referendum: London correspondent

Swissa EuroOver the next few days I’m going to be doing an ad hoc series of ‘Letters from London’ for the Best American Poetry blog in New York. I gather we’re all over the news over there, but (kind of like here) nobody can really tell what’s going on. It may be that they’re just too taken up with the Donald-Bernie-Hillary show to be able to parse out the Brexits and Lexits, or whatever it is… Not that my posts are really going to help them.

I’ve started it with a little meditation on a little typewriter – partly written on one of the typewriters in question, produced to a design which was licensed out to companies in various countries; for this reason it’s sometimes called the ‘Euro family of typewriters’.

In any case, my first letter is up and you can read it either here or by clicking on the picture.

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