“We are all made of dust. But it is stardust.”

b2623700576a4bd1_800x800ar This post about the ‘Mozart of Paintings’  is presented exactly as it arrived in my inbox. Above: his ‘Magic Flute’ period

Contemporary Italian artist Ottavio Fabbri is a visionary, painter, sculptor, director and conceptual artist today announces his art work will be available for private viewings in UK, with exhibitions planned after the summer.

Known as the ‘Starmaker’ and the ‘Mozart of Paintings’, Fabbri transmits his passion, understanding and interpretations of the night sky through his intricately detailed paintings. His entire work draws on what he strongly believes are the powerful life force ‘strings’ that connect the universe, and this hugely influences all his projects.  His work manifests themselves through many creative forms; from his paintings, to astounding conceptual light installations and beautiful bespoke interior pieces.

Fabbri explains where his passion derives from “It was very early on, after ‘Mum’ and ‘Dad’ the first word I uttered was ‘Telescope’. The stars have always fascinated me, as they are part of every culture and can be seen and experienced by every human”.  He adds, “Then one night I dreamt vividly of the galaxy, I got up and began to paint.  I had finally found my way of expressing my strong connection to the universe and stars”.

Exhibited internationally in places such as Museum Ludwig in Cologne, the Venice Biennale and Accademia D’Egitto in Rome, he also is present in numerous galleries and private collections worldwide.

Fabbri’s art work has been widely admired by many of the art world’s luminaries; Italian Renaissance expert Federico Zeri says about his works “Colours burn with the intensity of symbols, with the aggressivity of an explosive microcosm”, and Former Director of Modern Art of Museum Ludwig in Cologne Gerhard Kolberg says “The cosmic worlds of Fabbri’s paintings are not idylls, but should rather be defined as wild, untamed, heroic”.  Contemporary Art Critic Achille Bonito Oliva simply states “It is as if Fabbri has always been painting”

The astronaut Buzz Aldrin, of the first mission to the moon Apollo 11 (1969) sums up Fabbri’s paintings of the galaxy by saying “I have already seen Fabbri’s paintings in space” and adds “Ottavio Fabbri is a man and artist of the Italian Renaissance.  The new Renaissance, the cosmic One”.


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