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I said yesterday that there was more about John Field of Poor Rude Lines coming up – and so there is! Because this year’s Aldeburgh Poetry Festival – where last year I was the first-ever Blogger in Residence – is on this weekend, and this year the official festival blogger is the very estimable John.

field_johnJohn Field

Here’s a bit of cheek – I’ve nicked this picture off the Festival Blog (click above to see it in its natural habitat). I’ve never met the man, though I’ve enjoyed reading his blog ever since I first heard about it, and am really thrilled that he’s this year’s festival blogger. It’s all the nicer being able to put a face to the name!

He’s started blogging already, with close readings of poems by some of the festival poets. Click the blog banner above to read them. Tomorrow at 5.45 John will be giving an introductory talk about some of the poets people might be less familiar with (I did the same last year) in the Pond Gallery at Snape Maltings. If you’re there, do go support him! You’ll be heads-up when you go to the readings, and he is very insightful.

I am a bit gutted that, things at Baroque Mansions being what they are at the moment, I won’t be in Aldeburgh as well this weekend. I had the BEST time last year, and also the year before when I went – it is a glorious weekend, and I’m gutted to miss it, especially when I think of the merry after-parties in the good old Cross Keys, which dates back to the 1540s and both looks and feels like it. I’ll also be very interested to hear how the new venue at Snape Maltings is working out, in its second year on the job; and most of all I’ll be sorry to miss the amazing potency of the sea air, the salt and endless sky, mixing with great poetry…

As it happens, I’m going to be busy elsewhere this weekend. On Saturday I’ll be at a copywriting funday/networking/conference/activity thing, hoping to refresh myself in a way that might somehow or other bear some of the fruit of the fabled money tree… It will also be good.

But it won’t be the magic and mystery of Aldeburgh. I for one will be following Mr Poor Rude Lines’ blog as we go through this weekend and next week, to get the vicarious thrill. (I hope he takes pictures in the pub, too. John, are you reading this??)

(N.b. I was also going to link to my last year’s blog, which featured reviews, pictures, and some posts by festival poets – recapture the experience a bit – but it appears possibly not to be up any more. I will check on this and if it is, I’ll put it up too…)

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