Announcing three Saturday workshops

Notebooks at the ready! I’ve got three fantastic Saturday workshops coming up, by popular demand.

December 15th sees the 2nd annual ‘Writing Christmas’ workshop. We had a great time last year, with a slideshow and some brilliant Christmas poems, and even mince pies. The day is as much for people who hate Christmas as for those who love it, and you will do writing. Bring an object that says ‘Christmas’ to you. (Even if it’s a lump of coal.)

On Jan 12th we’ll look at how we can learn from the poetic techniques employed by the ten shortlisted TS Eliot Prize poets.

The workshop takes place the day before the big pre-award reading, so it’s a great chance to look at some of the poems before hearing the poets on stage, as well as a chance to enact TS Eliot’s adage that ‘immature poets imitate; mature poets steal’. Bring a poem you’re not sure about, that you’d like to think about as we go through the day.

For  more on the shortlist, see the Poetry Book Society’s website.

And for tickets to the reading, see the Southbank Centre.

On the Saturday, bring a pen and notebook, and your poem.

And on January 26th,‘Poetry is a Question’ – based on Keats’ theory of Negative Capability.  This is a reprise of the online workshop I did at Winning Words in August, about how we can drive ourselves into the mud trying to know everything, when we’re writing.

Don’t worry! Be happy, and come to my workshop! We’ll be looking at a variety of poems, and delving deep into the mystery of Unknowing. Again, this is a chance to take a fresh look at a poem that may not be working, so bring one in if you have one.

For all the info on all these workshops, and more detailed introductions, see my Saturday Workshops page. Drop me a line to join.








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