The day dawns

The bells, the bells! As has been pointed out, bells are themselves an ambiguous symbol. I’m not sure I think this occasion is the biggest event since the death of the last King, to merit ringing Beg Ben out of its schedule. Really? But here we go.

And Alexandra Palace, wnich I can see clearly form my living room, was lit up massively red last night, like something out of the Great Gatsby combined with a forest fire. No idea why, though I assume it must be Olympic-related in some way.

I was going to have some light relief, and talk about books this morning; I KNOW! I’m reading among other things an interesting and rather beautiful poetry collection called The Swerve, by Julith Jedamus…

But it’s not very Olympic, and then I saw the above cartoon – I’m sorry, I have no idea where it came from but am hoping as it’s signed some cartoon aficionado will recognise it.

Just a couple of links:

A masterful post from The London Column.

And some book news, after all: my publishers, Salt, have got a book longlisted for the Man Booker Prize! VERY exciting.


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