The notion of miracles in the Baroque Revolution

I have been given a present! And it’s a sign. Claire Trévien found this image of my long-lost sister of the spirit while doing her fascinating PhD researches on the notion of spectacle in the print culture of the French Revolution.

Well, I’m proud that the Baroqueness is such an integral part of that research. As you all know, we here in Baroque Mansions like to mix our metaphors, iconography, genres, signifiers, and even eras whenever possible – while keeping everything perfectly straight, of course. In fact, look. What the poor donkey is running over is not grass, but water. For my döppelganger is the Nymph of the Thames, using ‘methods then unknown’ to save the English Admiral from imminent danger. With a galleon on her head, of course. And her donkey! Even a poor beast had to be able to perform multi-tasking miracles in the French Revolution, apparently – a spectacle only too familiar here in the Old Manse of Baroque. God knows there are enough cannon balls flying at the moment to sink a galleon.

This year will be a Baroque Revolution indeed. There are changes afoot, what with the freelance change, and the Aunt change, and some other changes too, not written about here… and in September Mlle B will go off to Uni and that will be it. The Revolution will be in place. After 23 solid years as the mum, Ms B will be starting the world again with her fortune to discover, and just when I feel like I could do with a bit of a rest. It may be eight months away, but it’s only just beginning to come clear what the implications are – that it will be a whole new life here, or ‘life’; a blank thing with inescapable new demands, and indeed neglects, a bawling infant republic of one, tyrant-and-peasant-headed; and that the only certainty of life is that that’s not grass but water under your feet.

Well, perhaps my little donkey will help me along. Maybe even with ‘methods yet unknown’. In times like these it has to be good to have the Nymph of the Thames on your side.

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