a work week not for the weak

Sorry guys. There simply hasn’t been a minute. It’s one of those weeks. Thank God for Oscar, I hope you’ve all been going over there for your cultural fix. I’ve been flat out (and will soon, at this rate, be flat, though not in a nice losing-weight kind of way) with other things: mainly work. And work, and more work, and poetry classes and emails and didn’t even get home till 9pm on Monday, and then had to work on plans for class. It’s taken me three days to get the address labels put on two books to post. Even then I haven’t posted them, I was carrying too many things and had I tried to execute that manoeuvre I would have dropped the lot.

Today I dashed down the road to get a Diet Coke before my 3pm meeting, and that was the first time this week I’ve been outside during the day. There’s exciting. The deadline was, and still is, kind of massive but I have been praised. It all came out in the shopping basket this evening: wine, half-price Valentine’s chocs, you’d think I was in love with myself. Good thing about the chocs, too: I was able to give a couple to my next-door neighbour when he posted my keys back in through my letterbox.

Oscar Wilde Week permeated even to my poetry class, by the way; in a session on imagery, what better poet to read than the early, 1880’s Wilde? Like a sort of Victorian Boy George – with the one difference that he was in fact a genius-in-waiting. The conversation was interesting, the etiolated tone too rarified for some, I think.  It was a sickly period, I think.More on that another time…

The submission period for Horizon Review is over for this issue. I’ve not had a chance to read all the subs yet, so please bear with me. If you, reading this, are someone I’ve spoken to about possibly reviewing, could you email me at submissions-horizon at saltpublishing dot come and remind me? Please? Thank you.

I’ve been reading the proof of Egg Printing Explained on the tube and trying to work out a certain plan – & have just finished typing out the corrections & emailing them in. The good news is that there will now be poems from Oscar & Henry in the book. I’m very relieved about that. And it now has an official publication date of June 1st. Hurrah! And the Advance Information sheet is with me, and I have been contacting various people to do readings and so on. The machine creaks into motion. If my work contract really does finish at the end of June, and I have to be job-hunting at the same time as all this other stuff, I really don’t know what I’ll do.

And now I MUST get away from this computer. Aghhhhhhh

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