A book at bedtime

The community nature of reading. The deep cultural embeddedness of storytelling. The importance of phonetics. Don’t bend the spine back. And “just because my favourite colour is pink, why do all the flamingoes live in Florida?” Don’t shut libraries.

Actually, don’t shut libraries.

No, really. I know the House of Baroque is forever banned for overdueness and general uselessness, but seriously.

Don’t shut libraries.

Where would your correspondent have been if not for the public libraries of her childhood? No other source could equip her with the amount of books she needed, and she always took out the maximum.

Don’t shut libraries.

Think of Alfred the Great: why did he burn the cakes? He was thinking how to win the battle, to win Britain, to civilise the country; to educate all freeborn boys (girls followed in due course) to read.

Don’t shut libraries.

The end.

N.b., this post has been moved forward to keep you all happy until I have a minute to write something about the second half of my Mad Poetry Week – in the meantime I’ll just say the TS Eliot Prize party was great. And if you have more time than me, please go to the library.

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