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Ohmigosh. At long last all the hard work is paying off. I love the festive season. Like Christmas itself, Horizon Review Issue 5 is very nearly with us – well, it’s in the middle of being coded, and we should have it before the Big Day. It will fall as if from the back of a lorry sleigh, to beguile our Yule.

To celebrate this imminence and whet everyone’s appetites, I asked all the contributors to the new issue to list about their three favourite books of 2010, for a Books of the Year feature on the Salt Publishing blog. Their choices are wonderful, enticing and even surprising: it’s almost enough to make you buy books! Because so many people replied, I’ve split it into two groups; the first part is up now, and the second will go up on Friday.

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Simon R. Gladdish December 16, 2010 at 3:22 pm

Dear Katy

My three favourite books of the year were ‘Heartbreak’ and ‘How Snow Falls’ by Craig Raine and ‘The Hopeless Life of Charlie Summers’ by Paul Torday. The latter is a great writer who hasn’t yet achieved the recognition he richly deserves.

Best wishes from Simon

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