poetry files #12

According to The Sun (I know, not my usual source), the pop star – & Hackney homegirl – Leona Lewis “has had a soppy poem about a horse inked in a long line down her spine as a permanent tribute to her favourite animal.” It reads:

Their beauty captures every eye,
A gift from God for all man kind,
They lend us wings so we may fly,
To ride a horse is to ride the sky.

Leona said: “It’s a bit weird but then I’m a bit weird, so that’s OK.”

Meanwhile, Kanye West has Maya Angelou’s “Still I Rise” tattooed on his arm.

This is the only (and thus clearest) image I was able to find; count yourself lucky to have seen it at all. (As for that even rarer tat, the new one on the inside of Angelina’s thigh, forget it: that’s for Brad. I’m betting it’s not a stanza from Billy Collins.)

We constantly hear in the poetry world that no one likes poetry, that poetry is ‘dead’. Poppycock. Poetry is in fact everywhere: wherever you go, if you scratch the surface you find a poet. Poet Files is an exclusive series in which Baroque in Hackney scrutinises the unlikely, and finds the secret poetry lurking there. Look for it every Saturday morning.

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