Poet files #7

Darrell Carson is not only a poet. He seems to occupy at once both the very centre of the pre-post-division-era debate on alternate poetics, and the present. Very much the present. For this I admire and tut him.

Why tut? Because I’m sick of the pre-post-division-era debate on alternate poetics. Why admire? Because in his walk of life, Darren doesn’t need to be a poet at all, much less sit around making sardonic remarks about rhyme factions or geopoetics posses.

You see, Darren has never – that I know of – written an entire poem, or had one published in a journal or zine. Either conservative or experimental. To my knowledge, he has only ever written one thing that was worth admitting to the canon. It was this, and I found it in my email inbox:

Why ‘location’ isn’t mainstream abristle

Thank you Darren. You have given me hours of self-reflection and contemplation. I’m in N16, if that means anything. Northeast London. And my legs could do with a shave.

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