my silver ARSE (as it were)

Heh! Now there’s something I bet you thought you’d never see on this blog! But can you see why it’s here?

In fact, I just used it as a post for Text Pixels, my poor old work-based-PR-based-copywriting-based professional blog, for which I commissioned the most wonderful logo & banner last year… It’s had a rough ride, that blog, because of me being unemployed “freelance” all this time, and increasingly losing the drift of what I was trying to do with it; there have been various fits and starts but essentially what I found was that unless you have some concentration free for playing you can’t play. And writing about professional expertise is, in its own way, play.

Anyway, I just thought I’d flag it all up over here too, and I’m crazy about the picture. I practically commissioned it, in that I tried to take one like it on my iPhone and then cadged this one instead. Much better. I love it.

Er, so my new job starts tomorrow – the point of this past two weeks has been to clear the decks of detritus to enable me to concentrate with a crystalline clear mind, and I’m kind of on top of that, except that there’s always more. The entire day I spent writing poems made of spam emails didn’t help. And of course I collected up lots of others to write more poems out of. Then there’s the extra book review I undertook to write: that has to happen today, too. And of course there’s the sore throat, the antibiotics I’ve been on, I was frankly a bit out of it for several days with swollen glands and all the rest of it. What a waste. And now that my book manuscript is 99.9% ready to send off, thanks to herculean efforts made in the midst of all the rest, my printer has packed up! Yes. The little sod. So, before going to the GP today to see if my throat really is better – I’m not sure, it still feels too weird – I will have to go, while writing my book review, and get a new printer. Most of yesterday was wasted downloading drivers and all the rest of it. I should have just thought “sod this for a game of soldiers” and gone to Tottenham Hale immediately.

I even texted the cleaner, unseen for lo these many months, to see if she could come back and get me on track before I start work, but no reply. So I’ve been mopping and hoovering, too. She may be in Poland, I suppose; I hope she hasn’t given up on me… And in the course of tidying up yesterday I made a neat, pretty pile of books “to have blog posts written about them.” It’s surprisingly big. It wouldn’t be such a big deal if you didn’t have to read the things first.

Mind you, although I’m in this fever of pre-emptive activity, like the one you have before having a baby (and before realising that even after having a baby you can still do things – after all, up and down the land, people do), the truth is that I will probably become more productive. Everyone knows that if you’re busy you just get more done.

Anyway, I have bought a black wrap dress: very “work.” It’s what we used to call statement dressing, even if it is from Gap.

(Photograph ©David Secombe, by the way.)

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