Poet files #5: oil spill special

Tony Hayward doing a Poetry Hand.

It seems that, like Donald Rumsfeld before him, the CEO of BP is a poet. He can’t help it. He just comes out with these things. They are metaphor, they are image, they are philosophical science fiction expressionist narrative in a new form. And, like so many poets before him, including Marianne (“I, too, want my life back”) Moore, he writes of his own questioning of poetry – the art he loves.

Above, you can see that, like Michael Donaghy, Mark Waldron and the late Craig Arnold, he recites from heart, rather than reading his work. (And look at his palm: it has no lines! Maybe the entities got him.)

I found this one in the New York Times.

Whatever Form is Appropriate

by Tony Hayward

We have begun to change the culture. We came
together to figure a way out
of working together. I’d like to understand
the context as I understand it.
I had no prior knowledge.

There are several hundred entities. It is
a thing that I talk about every time I talk
internally or externally.
Everyone who’s been impacted by this has been kept whole.

To form a way forward. The long-term integrity
will be best served by a long string. That’s what we’re going
to do. I don’t recall the time that was saved. I wasn’t part
of the decision-making process… I wasn’t involved
in any of the decision-making… I simply was not involved
in the decision-making process… I was not
part of that process… I was not involved
in that decision… I was not involved
in the decision-making… That was a decision
I was not party to…. I wasn’t involved
in the decision-making on the day… I wasn’t
involved or aware of any of the decisions…
I wasn’t involved; I’m sorry. I clearly am
the ultimate power. I haven’t drawn a conclusion.

it’s too early to reach conclusions. I’m not
I’m not a cement engineer, I’m afraid.

We constantly hear in the poetry world that no one likes poetry, that poetry is ‘dead’. Poppycock. Poetry is in fact everywhere: wherever you go, if you scratch the surface you find a poet. Poet Files is an exclusive series in which Baroque in Hackney scrutinises the unlikely, and finds the secret poetry lurking there. Look for it every Saturday morning.

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