Scary Shoreditch

I know the photo isn’t much but I literally turned and shot it in half a second while my friend was looking for the bar with the book launch in it! (We were in Shoreditch, where nothing is as it seems. Things are tucked away there, down alleyways, behind warehouses, over and behind the things you can see – you think you know it like the back of your hand, then it sprouts a side street… As someone said once we arrived: “No space is wasted in Shoreditch! If it can be a bar, it is a bar.”) But you can see that this is what graffiti should be like. Funny. And big. And scary. (It’s one railway   bridge I wasn’t scared under.)

The book was Bonjour Tetris, by Simon Barraclough, published by the phenomenon that is Penned in the Margins. It’s the only pamphlet I’ve ever seen that came as a boxed set. Well done to all!

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