Baroque housekeeping

Isn’t that the cosiest sight you’ve ever seen? That’s right now, the tea is still hot! Well I’ve been sat in that very chair for the past few hours sorting out my links. As it were. I don’t think any are missing… they’re in fewer categories now, and they should be more up-to-date. Ah, the times we had…

Mlle B has just texted. She is on the 73 bus on her way home from 50 Cent at Wembley. OMGGGG!!! Yeah, that’s what the kids are up to these days. It’s a firend’s birthday treat. I thought 50 Cent might be a bit elderly now but apparently he’s only 35. Lord how one loses track. So my tea is half-drunk and I might just go to bed and read about Cyril Connolly till she gets in.

And, because my camera works again, and because my mother might like it, and because I can, here is what I see right now from my desk. Look how different the colours look. And there is simply no describing how much I love my curtains. They are very heavy vintage French linen. Never let it be said that Ms Baroque was not obsessed with home furnishings.

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