musical interlude in a cold season

Oh, arf. I posted this as a draft, and scheduled it to publish today, last week – and then forgot all about it! Sorry fellas. Someone posted it up somewhere and I can now no longer even remember who, for which I am also sorry. Signs of strain, methinks. I had thought I’d have a week of peace before starting my new contract, but it was completely eaten by bureaucracy, worry and care, with the light relief of my first trip to the hairdressers in a long moon, so that I at least showed up at the place of employment looking like myself. But rather haggard with the effort of the preparations.

Unfortunately, the crazy Lemon Monkey night on Saturday, Magma launch on Monday night, insane levels of rushing around on Tues, sudden descent into 9-5, rush-hour tube, daily air-conditioning, sweaty-cold-sweaty-cold, teaching on Weds night, O&H proofs and attendant excitement & work, and the cold I’ve been fighting off for the past few weeks have all now rolled together into a ball – resulting in a truly nasty sore throat (the kind where you can’t swallow anything, & feel sick) and relapse into coughing uselessness, and – which you’ll have all noticed – a sad lack of care and attention to the Halls of Baroque. (The real actual Halls of Baroque are much the same right now, let me tell you.) So I’ve spent today – after a ten-hour sleep and a rummage that revealed a glorious cache of Vit Cs, echinacea and Nurofen – lying in bed listening to Melleas et Pelisande on Spotify, reading The Turn of the Screw, planning 2010’s Lemon Monkey readings, prepping Wednesday’s class, and looking for blog posts.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered I already had one! So tomorrow, when I hope my head will be clearer, I will essay upon Zadie Smith’s essay about essays.

Meanwhile, I do think this guy is great. Why not whistle a happy tune? Just not near me, my head is splitting.

(I wouldn’t even mind but I really had to go to the bank this morning…)

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