newsflash: Larkin smiles

Okay, this has just come my way, literally a few minutes ago. Sweetshop territory: I’d never heard Larking speak before! What a gorgeous voice he had, and what humour in it. It’s delightful just to see him laugh… and Betjeman of course is National Treaure incarnate: equally wonderful. The chat in progress between them at the end is delicious. This is the first of three sections so apologies if you now find your day a little crammed…

Meanwhile, I have just found out that I have a new JOB in the pipeline! Excellent and reassuring to hear Larkin saying he thinks the whole thing about work is that it “forces you to think about something besides yourself, and your own poems,” and is “positively good for you.” Unlike looking for work in a deep recession, which certainly forces you to think about things other than your poems, but is not so good for you.

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