remember to scan the Horizon…

Review, that is. Issue 3 of Britain’s most interesting online cultural poetry and culture journal is now GO!

I recommend you start with the essay  named after the Baroque grandfather’s favourite song, By the Light of the Silvery Moon (his other favourite song: K-K-K-Katie)… Reprised somewhat, and wildy expanded, from its humble origins on this very blog, it goes:

The subject came up on a walk, one rainy Sunday last year, in south London’s Brockley Cemetery. My companion and I were standing at [Ernest] Dowson’s grave, at the very spot where Symons himself may have stood sombre with head bowed. We had arrived to find it, though heavily vandalized, literally garlanded in laurels, with a half-full bottle of absinthe nestled among the leaves. As we strolled away from the grave, the question was this: ‘Who, as in which poets, would you defend, if it came to it, in an argument?’

Gwaan, see what happens next.

Also, I’m pleased to say it even has a little feature on my excellent sister blog, Brockley Central! Thanks, Nick.

Sorry not more for you today. There’s lots to write about, but sadly no time to write it. Now I have to go read. At the ICA, if you happen to read this and can get down there for about 7pm.

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