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1. At the Lemon Monkey Café in Stoke Newington High St, tomorrow night. Come at 6.30 to get drinks in, reading starts at 7. £3 in a hat, please. And Lemon Monkey does great food.

We’ve got a trans-Atlantic special, featuring four American poets: Joseph Harrison – over here on a Guggenheim Fellowship; Alfred Corn – who divides, as they say, his time (very delicately, with a filleting knife) between the US and the UK; Liane Strauss – who came over here for the second time eight years ago and summers rather glamorously in New York; and Karen Annesen – from Maine, currently residing in Oxford, and just launched with a great collection from Salt. We’re very lucky to have them and I’m very excited about it. Gonna be great.

2. In the current Aug/Sept issue of The London Magazine, reviewing the ICA’s exhibition of concrete poetry and visual arts, Poor. Old. Tired. Horse.

3. Reading at tonight’s launch event for that magazine, sensibly held AFTER people come back from their hols! It will be at the ICA, in the Mall, SW1, from 7.30pm. Entry is £3.

4. In the new issue of The Rialto, a poem called Fishing With Bill. My copy just arrived this morning. I went out with Bill for a few months about five years ago. He was very intelligent, looked just like Chet Baker, had the singing voice of an angel, and was obsessed with fishing.

5. In Poetry Scotland, a poem called Richard Price, in issue 61. (Yes, Richard Price knows about it! One of them does, anyway. I hope he doesn’t mind too much.)

6. In the next issue of Magma, a poem called Hansel. It’s another old one, but I always had a soft spot for it. I’m really happy they’ve taken it. I get proofs next week.

7. I’m sure I have poems forthcoming in both Seam and Poetry Salzburg Review

8. Forthcoming in The Horizon Review, a crazy little essay on – well, no, I’ll save it. You can see when it comes out. Tubs and thumpers provided.

9. At the ICA again, on October 13, a reading with Ride the Word. I’ll give you the line-up when I hear it.

10. Here at my computer, tied with chains, looking for work/clients/rich benefactors…

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