pirates or cowboys? No contest. Arrr.


You know, I’ve heard alarming talk recently – reckless jabber – that “Pirates are becoming a bit boring,” and that it’s time to bring back cowboys and Indians. It originated with @WasBrianBlessed on Twitter, though who knows if it is really Brian Blessed; I don’t know, you’d have thought he’d have had more sense. It made me jump out of my chair! I can’t see it ever happening in Baroque Towers. Or not this year, anyway. I mean, Brokeback Mountain came and went and what happened? Nothing.

Okay, try this. “Howdy, pardner.”

Was that funny? NO.

Of course you know that if you agree with this scurrilous, un-Blessed prattle you will be struck off the Baroque roster; but notwithstanding that, do any of you have any ideas? Am I (a person who had her Facebook language set to “English (Pirate)” for something like three months) missing something? Are pirates really, like, yesterday? Is it all over??

By the way, one thing that won’t really go away lately – like the Flying Dutchman, like the Black Spot, like the Black Pearl, it keeps hoving into view – is my Pirate Prufrock. I was recently asked if I would perform my Pirate Pru in the autumn; I said I’d have to start practising immediately. Then my friend Linda compelled me to read it to her the other day in her garden, off my iPhone, and it really worked! I mean, not only could I read it just fine – and it was really fun – I could even read it off the phone just fine. Maybe that’s a new way to go. I’ll never forget the poems I planned to read again, if they’re on my phone. Arrr, it’s the pirate’s life for me, yo ho… )

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