Baroque: our finger on the pulse so yours doesn’t have to be.

Argh! Major typo fixed in title! What am I like.

Well, I simply can’t believe that no one even liked my Niles Crane/ Linus Van Pelt “could this be more than just coincidence” special. I thought that was a surefire winner! God, well I give up on the lot of you.

But as I’m walking away I will throw you a few scraps over my shoulder. Because I’m just like that. Giving.

One, you might like to know that this week Baroque in Hackney was listed as one of the top ten literature blogs – “most read, most discussed, most influential” – by the UK division of the global communications giant Cision. Yes! They like to keep their finger on the pulse and by golly, let me tell you, I think I do have a pulse. So that’s great news.

Second, I am famous! Yes. I’m quoted rather extensively by my erstwwhile-fellow-Hackney-blogger, Dave Hill, now of All of London, in his eponymous Dave Hill’s London Blog in the Guardian. It’s not just me, of course; the point of his post is to show how Boris’ “chicken feed” remark “went viral,” and there were people out there far less temperate than I. But, though I would never say Dave was not a gentleman, he did seem to enjoy my discomfiture over Boris’  furore. So that’s very good too.

Third, John Self has written a lovely review of Christopher Reid’s new book (and long poem), The Song of Lunch, on his blog, Asylum. It’s a great description of what looks like a lovely poem (“seductive, amusing and even touching,” though I might omit the “even;” “alternately wistful and angry about the death of the culture he knows” – i.e., publishing and Soho), with some fabulous quotes from the poem, of which I will pinch only this little one:

And there goes T.S. Eliot,
bound for his first martini of the day.
With his gig-lamps and his immaculate sheen,
he eases past you like a limousine:
a powerful American model.

Published by CB Editions. Of interest to you why? Partly because it is. And also partly because Christopher will be down with the other 13  kids tomorrow at our Reclaim the Sonnet! evening in Stoke Newington. Tomorrow night. Be there or be square.

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