elegantly dressed birthday boy


Happy birthday Igor Stravinsky – 127 years old today! And looking very elegant on it.

Here’s a little-known story: Stravinsky was arrested in Boston in 1940 because of an unconventional major seventh chord in his arrangement of The Star-Spangled Banner. Ha! A political prisoner. Apparently there’s a federal law “prohibiting reharmonisation of the national anthem” – who knew?

I’m sure there’s a lot more I could be saying. Will spend my journey into work today trying to think of a shaggy dog story with the punchline, “Fire the bird!”

Nope. Failed. However, I will remind my darling readers right now that this is Refugee Week, the point of which is to reflect on the contributions refugees have made to their adoptive countries. Stravinsky, along with many of the really senior figures of the twentieth century, was a refugee. He could never have been the subject of this amusing anecdote had he not been forced to flee to the Home of the Brave.

In addition – she says, realising that it is not just great art that renders one worthy of a life -many who were not major artists were also refugees, and I’m sure they were very elegant too. In their thoughts and feelings if not their ties.

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go plug in and listen to Pulcinella.

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