Stamford Hill in the snow

Really there is only one story in London today. Those of you who live in upper Canada, or even New York State, may laugh up your sleeves (all four layers of them); but this is the “most severe weather” in London for eighteen years, they are saying. And in all my years I’ve never seen them cancel the buses before. You’ll have seen in last night’s post how pathetically little snow it takes for kids here to start playing in it,so you can imagine the jubilation felt by millions when they woke up and saw six pristine unbroken inches.

The first thing I did this morning was realise I had a sore throat.  That explains why I felt so very poorly all weekend. I was a bit tired, too, having been woken up at 2am by the Urban Warrior, getting ready to ride his bike to his girlfriend’s place in Kings Cross. He said he had to because they’d stopped the buses because of the snow. Cross is right! I was furious. But he said he would stay on the pavements and ride slow and send me a text message when he got there. About 3.15 I got a text: “I’m here safe and sound, knackered but ok. Good night.” I think he must have been a bit nervous about it too.

There are still no buses, as anyone reading this in London will know. All the tube lines except one were either cancelled, partially restricted or severely restricted, according to the London Transport website at 7.30. Mlle B was on the phone from 7am, all her gang were meant to be starting their Year 10 work experience today – imagine the confusion and elation!

So the second thing I did was walk a mile and a half directly into the direction of the snow, to Seven Sisters tube station, trying to breathe into my scarf. I had just got to within sight of the distant traffic lights – blinking a bit uncertainly, red, green, through the whiteness – when the phone rang; it was the teleport saying they’re not working either. So I’m not starting my secret assignment today, and we are keeping an open mind about tomorrow in view of the fact that the weathermen are saying the worst is yet to come. It’s certainly falling very fast as I write this.

So I walked home again, another mile plus, but not into the wind and really having a lot more fun, and had a fizzy vitamin C when I got in.







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