now I know why my sofa is so trashed


At least I knew as soon as I saw this bunch of pictures what it was all about (Alfie): the boys were posing in lots 0f scary poses for use as samples in an animation. I think. (Actually, some of them are very funny, but it feels wrong to put them all up here. If I wasn’t cross about the insane wear-&-tear levels I would have laughed out loud. Amnd the animation, what I’ve seen of it, is also funny.) But it totally explains what has been happening to my house. If you look you can even see some of the stains. I spent £45 getting that thing dry-cleaned for Christmas (and it is a large-ish three-seater, so you can see what these guys are like). And by the way, from the angle I can tell you that my kid was standing on the other couch to take the picture.

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