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Hey, this isn’t even part of my Cyclone tour, but I’m up in two places on the internet today. Woohoo!

1. Michelle McGrane was asking me before Christmas for permission to post my poem Dream: The Twelve Dancing Princesses up on her blog, Peony Moon. We had an exchange about formatting and then the thing sank a bit over the holidays. But it is up now – it went up last night – and it looks amazing. Hurrah!

It is actually one of my favourite poems I’ve ever written. Peony Moon is a lovely blog, too – full of poems – you should read down and see.

2. Norm Geras asked me after Christmas if I wouldn’t mind writing something about a book of my choice for his long-running Writer’s Choice series. (Just how long-running you can see: I’m writer #190!And there are four links to the rest of it: here, here, here and here.)

So I wrote about James Merrill’s collection Divine Comedies, and Norm was happy because hardly anyone ever writes about poetry (what! why?!?), and I’m happy because I think I haven’t made a fool of myself… except maybe in the eyes of all those people who think I shouldn’t be reading James Merrill in the first place. Quietude my arse. Anyway. That’s another post…

You can see my piece here, it looks really lovely, and do check out the rest of Norm’s capacious, quirky and erudite blog.

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