it’s winter in London


At last! I’ve waited a hundred years for this. Like the opposite of Narnia, it seems to be always Christmas in London but never properly winter…

This year the bookies were predicting a white Christmas, which was a nice idea but just doesn’t happen in London, so it didn’t materialise. And then Christmas  melted away like a – like a – in fact, Twelfth Night was only two days ago, and now suddenly it’s something like 14°F. Proper winter at last! Maybe that will kill all the germs.

But is it snowing? Are we getting that quintessential winter thrill? Is everything turning white and the world magical?

It is time, I’m afraid, to take matters into our own hands and self-augment our winter experience. You know what I mean? Yep: it is time to make your own snowflakes. So I have put on my internet-shoes and trudged out into the wilderness, and I can now with some confidence offer you two, both very satisfying but very different, snowflake-making experiences. One is with scissors and will make you want to get better and better at it, and the other is a little more like outer space, and very mysterious.

See here.

And here.

Here’s one I made earlier. But I need to go make a better one.


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