posterity regained?


Bread Street now

John Milton, born four hundred years ago today. He had the same fears we all do. He didn’t know we’d be sitting here blogging about him on the internet, all intervolved together, exactly four centuries from the day he was born in Bread Street, London.

The Bodliean library , in a discussion of Milton’s fears that young people were not using the great resource of learning at their disposal, puts it in perspective:

In his ‘Ode to Rouse’ Milton reveals the dangers facing books, hoping that his own works will, in future times, attain an appreciation they deserve: ‘But perhaps our remote descendants and an age of greater wisdom and purer heart will render fairer judgment on all things; then, thanks to Rouse, with envy in the tomb, a sane posterity will know if any merit is mine’.”


I wonder if the students might have preferred an Idea Store.

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