…not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse…


Just a quick note to say it’s 2am and I’m off to bed with EVERYTHING CROSSED and some vain hope of getting some sleep… all that talk of refusing tp put the news on when I got in, and I fell asleep in front of CNN like everyone else.

I guess regular readers and family members may have an inkling of how weirdly monolithic and scary I find American politics, maybe the result of being a Watergate child, or a Vietnam War child, or of those doomed McGovern benefits we used to get taken to, or the old stories of McCarthy days, or the bussing, or, or. I’ve long been conscious of an aversion bordering on phobia.

But this just suddenly feels so much bigger. This really is like that scary thing: hope.

It is so inspiring how that same entire world seems to be pulling together right now, exerting a huge pressure of hope, and something better than hope – call it determination, energy, will, a moral force, joy, just HOPE. Everyone, everywhere! I don’t think one single person outside the United State supports McCain. I’m not sure people back home really understand that. The whole world is in this together, and right now – even more than at Christmas! – we are all of us going to bed thinking the same thing. Obama Obama Obama.

Where do we hang up our stockings for this one???

Email from my cousin Nadja:

…so wound up in this election that I can’t seem to tear myself away ! How exciting is this ? A black president ! What a feeling. I’m actually emotional over an election !  It’s palpable on the T.V. It’s in the air…I really wasn’t expecting this level of feeling from people. 5 hour waits on voting lines ! What ? All the new voters are for Obama no matter what state they’re in..they’re actually turning up ! Teenagers ! Katy..I am in awe. I’m actually close to feeling good about people. wish you were here for this one. love ya!

Email from my friend Mark in Ireland:

OH MY god, looks VERY good! If I could pray… fingers-toes-eyes-hair-legs- EVERYTHING CROSSED!

Night night, world. Let’s all keep doing it just a little longer. I’m putting out a little brandy and a piece of friutcake just in case. xx

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