My cousin again:

well, we’ve had the most remarkable cross section of people all grabbing for the same box of tissues tonight. I really don’t think I’ve ever witnessed anything more redeeming as far as humanity goes, ever. Personally, I kept finding myself thinking of grandma. Then I kept swelling up with pride over my kids…knowing that they voted. All their friends voted…not only registered, but actually voted ! That’s what made the difference, I just know it. Like a revolution. I was in the bar with a whole bunch of friends and when the election was conceded, all of a sudden people came out of the woodwork. Out of their houses , in tears, to experience this night with other crying people !Historic, and really beautiful. No joke, Kate, people crying like babies. In our ’bout them apples ? HAH…how about THEM apples ?

A guy in on the news: “America’s back, baby!”

Barack Obama: ” Government of the people, by the people and for the people has not perished from this earth.”

Simon Schama: “This result wipes clean America’s original sin.”

Another guy on the news: “We HAVE overcome.”

Editing in, from the Standard: 97 per cent of black Americans voted. Oh my GOD.

Nadja’s right. I wish my grandmother was here to see this.

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