not to brag…

… but one has begun National Poetry Writing Month (“NaPoWriMo” just annoys me, sorry) by writing the first (naturally) drafts of two poems, or two parts of one poem entitled First: the first and First: the second. I’d love a third part for it, but nothing came to me today; maybe it will on the third.

(Once I wrote a poem about bigamists on different sides of platforms, waiting for trains, and intercut this with images of Mother and Child Divided, the cow and calf cut in half by Damien Hirst and suspended in formaldehyde. The poem is in three parts, numbered i, ii, and i. No one has ever got it. It’s can’t go in Me and the Dead because there is not room, but I like it – it will go in the next one.)

So I’m thinking April might work out after all.

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